Company profile:
We are a family company that started in 1973, recognized as the second Brazilian cutlery brand for a long time and produces aroung 6 million units per month.Our main product is cutlery in general but we have other domestic appliances in our range such as plastic products, thermic plates, thermic bottle and son on. You can see the presentation of our company at: or you can see our products and history at our website:


Company type(s):
Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer

Products / Services:
Tableware: Cutlery Sets, Jugs, Mugs, Serving Platters, Table Forks, Table Knives, Table Spoons, Tableware Sets, Teapots
Baby Products: Baby Products
Kitchenware: Kitchenware
Packagings: Packagings
Pet Supplies: Pet Supplies
Plastics: Plastics
Wood: Wood
Hardware: Plastic Plates


Export world part:
worldAfricaEuropeMiddle EastNorth AmericaSouth America

SGS/Intertrek/Bureau Vetiras

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Year of establishment:

Turn over:

< $ 1,000,000